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Your most valuable marketing assets are the ones you own.

You don't own your Facebook or Twitter pages, you borrow them.


Texas web design or social media accounts?

Many consulting firms are advising clients to do away with a website altogether, and simply stick with social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. If your consulting firm has recommended that you put your marketing efforts into Facebook alone, maybe you should research other firms, and there are a few reasons why.
But first, imagine this: You've built a very large fan base on Facebook, when suddenly, out of the blue, a Facebook “head honcho” angers a group of people, and stock in Facebook takes a plunge. Some of you may remember another social media contender: Myspace. What happens when all of your marketing budget and efforts are wasted when your Facebook page or Twitter account is no more? If you have your own website, you will not lose the valuable time and money spent gaining a reputation.
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All business owners must have a website.

If you have a business, you need a website. Even if your company has only one employee other than yourself, or you have no physical product to sell online, you still need a website. Period. If you rely on social media alone, you are gambling with your money. There are several reasons you should have your own website versus using social media alone, and here are just a few:
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Still relying on social media for marketing?

Ownership. This should be self explanatory. Are you plastering your ads on random cars, expecting them to drive around and promote your services? No. So why are you plastering your ads on pages you don't have ownership in? The most valuable marketing assets are those that you own, and you do not own Facebook.
Searches. Google is always changing their algorithm relating to local searches, meaning you need the ability to make changes to the "guts" of the site. Again, since you don't have permission, or ability to change Facebook (other than select few features provided), you will miss out on some of the key features of web monitoring.
Simplicity. One of the main reasons Facebook is so attractive to the business owner is because of how easy it is to create a business page. Creating a website is not much more difficult to be quite honest. There are so many simple, free and low cost website options out there, you don't have to know HTML to create your own site.
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Creating your own site is pretty easy, but it can be fairly time consuming if you are not experienced in web design. There are several companies right here in Texas that are willing to lend a hand. If fact, ours is one of the many Texas website design firms that specialize in this kind of thing. We offer custom quotes and free consultations, to make sure you get EXACTLY what you need.